Stephen Grusendorf Photo Stephen Grusendorf

Hello and welcome to Unit 6 of Creation Narrative 1. Our focus in this unit will be the reality of evil. Specifically, we’re going to investigate two main teaching points. First, we are going to look at the idea that the reality of evil is not inconsistent with the goodness and sovereignty of God. So we’ll consider the question, “Why does evil exist?” and seek to answer the question from a biblical worldview. We will also ask, at a deeper level, what is sin and why God is not the causer of sin. In our second session, we’ll discuss the idea that the first sinful act humanity introduced actually impacted the entire human race. Here we will spend time in Romans 5 attempting to understand the full effect that sin has on the human race. As we round out this unit, we’ll also devote our last session to reviewing what we’ve learned in this course up until this point. As you prepare for this week, let me encourage you to wrestle with some of the philosophical realities that keep people from believing in God, namely the horrors of evil and why evil exists. You see, as Christians, we need not be scared of such subjects. But rather, in humility, we need to wade into the pain and fear of others in order to introduce them to a loving Savior.