Continuing Education Units (CEU)


We have assigned Continuing Education Units (CEU) to individual courses and course programs. Upon completion, students are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion for course programs and/or individual courses, as is detailed below.

The acceptance of CEU by a school, church, or ministry is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Through our partnership with Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School (LBC | Capital), LBC | Capital will accept CEU towards their adult education undergraduate program.

CEU for Course Programs and Individual Courses


Biblical Worldview I: Only Two Religions? 0.5
Biblical Worldview II: Seeing a World of Difference 2
Counseling God's Way 3
Matthew 2.5
Searching for the Truth on Origins 1.5
Servant Leadership 4

CEU Determination

The number of CEU assigned for the Foundations of Biblical Studies course program was determined by the course program provider, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, and is based upon the completion of all 8 courses in the program.

The number of CEU assigned for all other courses is based upon the following methodology:

  1. Lecture hours are determined by total audio lecture hours.

    For the Exposition of Matthew course, where there is no audio or video, lecture hours are based upon a reading rate of 200 words per minute, the average silent reading rate for grade 8 students in the United States.
  2. Quiz and exam hours are determined by the number of questions at a completion rate of one minute per question.
  3. Lecture, quiz, and exam hours are totaled.
  4. Ten hours of lecture, quiz, and exam time are assigned 1 CEU.
  5. CEU are rounded to 5 hours (0.5 CEU).