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Instructor Bob Hoekstra
• Counseling • Christian Living • Ministry Leadership

Counseling God's Way


The primary focus of this course, Counseling God’s Way, is to explore the Word of God regarding counseling, discipling, and personal ministry. This wise instruction is helpful for everyone in the body of Christ, as we learn to trust God and His Word for all of life’s situations.

Pastor Bob Hoekstra examines various trends in Christian counseling from the last few decades. Much of the church world today has adapted secular systems of counseling, by integrating human theories or philosophies with God’s absolute Truth. Throughout the course, we are shown time and again that there is no better Counselor than God Himself, Who is our “Wonderful Counselor” (Isaiah 9:6). The Bible is our “plumb line,” which is to be used in counseling all areas of the Christian life. Only God knows the path that carries divine necessity with it, and all those who are guided by the Holy Spirit through Scripture will walk victoriously.

Lesson List
Lesson 1
Introduction—The Lord as Counselor
Lesson 2
The Lord as Counselor, Part 2
Lesson 3
Counseling and Discipleship
Lesson 4
Counseling and Sanctification
Lesson 5
God’s Word in Counseling
Lesson 6
The Holy Spirit in Counseling
Lesson 7
Prayer in Counseling
Lesson 8
Church Life in Counseling
Lesson 9
Who Is to Do Counseling
Lesson 10
Equipping for Counseling Ministry
Lesson 11
Vital Issues for Counseling
Lesson 12
Vital Issues
Lesson 13
In Adam or in Christ
Lesson 14
United with Christ
Lesson 15
Walking According to the Flesh
Lesson 16
Walking According to the Spirit
Lesson 17
Who We Are in Christ
Lesson 18
Renewing of the Mind
Lesson 19
Spiritual Warfare
Lesson 20
Victory in Spiritual Warfare
Lesson 21
Forsaking Our Wonderful Counselor
Lesson 22
Turning to Worldly Counsel
Lesson 23
Counseling Session Guidelines
Lesson 24
Questions and Final Exhortation