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The Doctrine of Christ (Christology)


The purpose of this course is to present the person and work of Jesus Christ from His pre-existence to His Second Coming. Thus, acquainting the students with the major doctrines of Jesus Christ, while focusing on the centrality of Jesus Christ in all that Christianity teaches, believes, and practices. The course will cover in detail the following ten doctrinal subjects:

1. Of the ten major subjects, the first one is the pre-existence of Jesus Christ. He did not just start as a baby in Bethlehem.

2. The second one that we will look at is the messianic claims of Jesus Christ. The fundamental issue of the Bible is that Jesus is the Messiah. As a matter of fact, to be accurate with the New Testament, a person becomes a Christian by believing that Jesus is in fact the Messiah. The claims of Jesus Christ to be the Messiah is the heart of the gospel.

3. The third subject is the deity of Christ, which will include a look at all the cults and aberrations of Christianity. Misunderstanding or denial of the deity of Christ functions as the common denominator of cults.

4. We will address the incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Incarnation means God became flesh. We will discuss the virgin birth—even addressing it genetically. We will also discuss the biological miracle involved in it. Hopefully all of us will get a good, clear understanding of why the virgin birth is an essential doctrine of the Bible about Jesus Christ.

5. We will look at the humanity of Jesus Christ. The Bible uses that to tell us He identifies with us. He is our merciful and faithful High Priest. He will comfort us. He was touched with the feeling of our infirmities in all points as the Bible says. We will look at the humanity of Jesus Christ.

6. We will look at the miracles of Jesus Christ. Since John 21:25 says that the books of the world cannot contain all those miracles, we will not be talking about every one of them. We will be showing you some of the key miracles of Jesus Christ, especially as it relates to different veins of thought. For example, His power over demons, His power over the weather and sickness and illness. We are going to be looking at His mighty power.

7. We will address the death of Jesus Christ. No issue is more crucial to the gospel than understanding the death of Christ. We will be discussing fifteen reasons why He died, and will be greatly blessed.

8. We will also discuss the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If the resurrection did not occur, then we have a dead Savior—we have no Christianity, for we would remain in our sins and our preaching and teaching is a waste of time. The resurrection is crucial.

9. We will look at the ascension and present ministry of Jesus Christ. Rarely do you get in a lot of studies on Christ’s present ministry in our life. It is almost as if people believe He ascended to heaven and that He is not doing anything anymore until He comes back. He is very active and we will find out how and what He is doing.

10. Lastly, of course, is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We will be hitting some of the highlights as it relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Christology, by Dr. David Hocking, covers the study of the doctrine regarding the Lord Jesus Christ. This fourteen part course covers such topics as: the preexistence of Christ, the Messianic claims of Christ, the Deity of Christ, the death and resurrection of our Lord and much more. You can take the course by text or audio. We encourage you to partake of this course and learn about one of the most important subjects we can study, that of our Lord Jesus.

Lesson List
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
The Preexistence of Christ
Lesson 3
The Angel of the Lord
Lesson 4
The Messianic Claims of Christ
Lesson 5
The Deity of Christ
Lesson 6
The Abilities That Prove He Is God
Lesson 7
The Virgin Birth of Christ
Lesson 8
The Miracles of Christ
Lesson 9
The Death of Christ
Lesson 10
The Resurrection of Christ (Part 1)
Lesson 11
The Resurrection of Christ (Part 2)
Lesson 12
The Ascension and Present Ministry of Christ
Lesson 13
The Second Coming of Christ (Part 1)
Lesson 14
The Second Coming of Christ (Part 2)
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