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Hello and welcome to Unit 2 of Creation Narrative 2. In this unit, we will continue to take a look at the subject of Christology. Specifically, we’re going to investigate the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ. In this section, we’ll look at the concept that Jesus Christ is the prototype of redemption. We will then turn our attention to the topic of the call of Jesus in the real world. In this section, we’re going to be challenged to consider the idea that even though Jesus has ascended to heaven, he still extends his call to men and women through the Holy Spirit via the Bible and via the church. In this section, we will attempt to understand how the call of Jesus justifies our act of obedience. Now, in our last section of this unit, we’ll look at the munus triplex or the threefold office of Jesus Christ. We’ll consider Jesus as our prophet. We’ll consider Jesus as our priest. And finally, we’ll consider Jesus as our king. In each of these offices, we’ll also seek to understand how we are to relate to Jesus in each of these roles.