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Hello and welcome to Unit 3 of Christian Narrative 2. In this unit, we will focus our attention on the order of salvation. What we’re going to attempt to do is slow down this wonderful experience in the life of an individual and seek to understand how the various elements of salvation relate to one another. This topic is called soteriology. Now, in this first section, we’re going to consider three topics. We’ll consider election, regeneration, and conversion. We’ll look at the idea that it is Jesus who offers humanity new life. We’ll talk about issues such as predestination, reprobation, and the call of the gospel. And we’ll also look at what it means to be born again. Now, in the second section, we’ll look at two topics. First, we’ll consider the topic of justification. And second, we’ll consider the idea that we are adopted as the heirs of God. We’ll also consider the role of faith in justification and adoption in this section as well. Now, in the third section, we’ll look at sanctification and perseverance and glorification. Three great topics. This section will be focused on what God is doing in the present and in the future of a believer’s life.