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Hello and welcome to Unit 6 of Creation Narrative 2. In this unit, we will conclude our time together by looking at the topic of eschatology or the study of the last things. As we take a few moments to peer into the future, we’ll consider three topics. First, we will look at the topic of the return of Christ. In this section, we’re going to try and wrap our minds around the idea that God is in fact timeless. Now, we’ll also consider the second coming of Jesus Christ and how it impacts our life here and now. In our second section, we’ll consider the reign of Christ. Here we will dig into the various positions people of faith have held concerning the reign and return of Christ, and seek to understand the differences between them. In the final section, we will look at the judgment of Christ. And not only will we look at the judgment itself, but we’ll also look at its application. Throughout this section, we will ask who is judged and why are they being judged? We will also seek to understand what occurs beyond the mere judgment of individuals and how these judgments align with the various understandings that we’ve talked about regarding the reign of Jesus Christ.