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Solomon Asks for Wisdom View and Elevation of Solomon's Temple Plan of the Temple and of Its Buildings Court of the Temple and Its Building Solomon's Temple Court of the Sea of Bronze Sea of Brass (Jewish) Sea of Brass (Villalpando) Elevation of One of the Lateral Parts of the Temple The Queen of Sheba The Queen of Sheba with Solomon Jeroboam Is Declared King Adoram Is Stoned The Furnace Bridge of Jeroboam The Altar of Bethel Is Rent The Disobedient Prophet Is Killed by a Lion The Prophet Killed by a Lion Zimri Burns down the Palace Elijah Is Fed by Ravens Elijah Raiseth the Widow's Son Obadiah Saves One Hundred Prophets. The Old Pagans' Sacrifices Elijah's Sacrifice Is Consumed by the Fire of God Elijah Obtains Rain by His Prayers An Angel Nourishes Elijah in the Desert Micaiah Predicts Defeat to Ahab and Jehoshaphat Ahab Is Wounded in a Battle against the Syrians The Angel Appearing to Elijah Elijah Raising the Widow's Son Solomon and the Queen of Sheba The Widow of Zarephath Getting Water for Elijah Joab Beheaded by Order of King Solomon Plot of Solomon's Temple A Representation of Solomon's Temple with People A Representation of Solomon's Temple Elijah's Sacrifice Consumed by Fire from Heaven Solomon and Sheba The Judgment of Solomon Elijah's Sacrifice Consumed by Fire Elijah Fed by the Ravens Ahab Dies The Ravens Brought Elijah Bread and Flesh Every Morning and Evening The Judgment of Solomon Elijah and His Servant on Mount Carmel The Widow's Son Is Restored Jeroboam's Wife Departs from Ahijah Jezebel and Ahab Solomon Solomon Receiving the Queen of Sheba The Famine in Samaria Death of Ahab Slaughter of Syrians by the Children of Israel Slaughter of the Prophets of Baal Elijah Nourished by an Angel Elijah Raiseth the Son of the Widow of Zarephath The Disobedient Prophet Slain by a Lion Throne of Solomon Jeroboam and All Israel Came and Spake to Rehoboam The Queen of Sheba's Visit Elijah's Burnt Sacrifice Pipes 1 Pipes 2 Solomon's Empire Solomon Puts on Splendor Israel Discovers the World The Hebrew Empire Crumbles Why Judah and Israel Were Different The Shishak of Egypt Conquest of Hazael of Damascus Solomon and Queen of Sheba (engraving) Rehoboam and Jeroboam (engraving) Elijah Raiseth the Widow's Son (engraving) The Jews Wailing Place (engraving) 1 Kings - Word Cloud Jerusalem in the Time of Solomon Solomon’s Temple The Extent of Solomon's Kingdom in 1 Kings Solomon's Administrative Districts The Kingdom Divides Solomon's International Ventures