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Dedication of Samuel God Calls Samuel Eli Falls and Kills Himself The Idol Dagon Dagon Falls before the Ark The Philistines Send to Ark to Bethshemesh Philistines Return the Ark Samuel Judges Israel Saul Anointed by Samuel Samuel Anoints Saul King Jonathan Defeats Philistines Jonathan and His Amour Barer Defeat the Philistines The Fate Falls on Jonathan Agag Is Chopped into Pieces Appearance of Samuel Samuel Anoints David David and Goliath Goliath David Presents Goliath's Head to Saul Jealousy of Saul against David Saul Tries to Kill David Michal Saves David Saul Prophesies Jonathan Warns David David at Ahimelech Saul Kills the Priests of Nob David Delivered from Saul's Hands David Shows Saul the Piece of Robe He Took Abigail Appeases David's Anger Abigail Speaks with David David Takes Saul's Spear and Cruse The Amalekites Eating and Drinking Their Spoil The Defeat and Death of Saul and Jonathan Soldiers Taking the Bodies of Saul and His Sons to Jabesh Eli and Samuel David Playing before Saul David and Goliath David and Abishai Abigail Bringing Presents to David David Spares Saul's Life David and Goliath Saul Consulting a Witch at Endor Samuel and Eli Eli Reproved for His Imprudent Government Samuel Uttering His First Prophecy David Playing on the Harp before Saul The Witch of Endor Raising the Apparition of Samuel "abner Took David and Brought Him before Saul with the Head of the Philistine in His Hand." "eli Perceived That the Lord Had Called the Child." "forgive the Trespass of Thine Handmaid." Abigail Brings Presents to David David with the Head of Goliath The Witch of Endor Raising Samuel David Showing Saul the Skirt of His Robe Saul Falling upon His Sword Samuel Anointing David Samuel Brought before Eli David Slaying Goliath Saul and the Witch of Endor David Took Goliath's Sword David Meeting Goliath Eli and Samuel Samuel Hears God David Defeats Goliath Death of Saul David and Goliath Saul's Death Saul with the Witch of Endor David Showing Saul That He Had Spared His Life The Escape of David through the Window Saul Attempts the Life of David Death of Agag Samuel Blessing Saul Return of the Ark to Beth-Shemesh Goliath Slain by David Saul with the Witch of Endor Samuel Anointing David The Death of Saul The Kingdom of Saul The Rise of David How Are the Mighty Fallen! Saul and David (engraving) 1 Samuel 2:2 (NIV) 1 Samuel - Word Cloud The Setting of 1 Samuel The Battle at Elah David Flees from Saul The Battle at Mount Gilboa