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Columns of Bronze, Altar and Laver of the Temple of Solomon Solomon's Idolatry Elijah Goes up by a Whirlwind into Heaven Elisha Curses Some Children Naaman Is Cleansed Famine in Samaria The People Spoil the Syrian's Tents Jezebel Is Thrown from a Window The Heads of the King's Sons Are Placed at the Gate in Jezreel The Prophets of Baal Are Killed A Dead Man Is Revived by Touching Elisha's Bones Ahaz's Son Passes through the Fire The Angel of the Lord Smites the Assyrians Isaiah Prophesies That Hezekiah Will Live 15 More Years Manasseh's Idolatry Josiah Listens to the Book of the Law Josiah Destroys Idolatry Jerusalem Is Burned and the Jews Are Taken Captive Jehoiachin Granted Freedom Death in the Pot Athaliah Kills the Sons of Ahaziah, except Joash Elisha Dies; His Bones Resurrect a Man Elijah Is Removed in a Chariot of Fire Isaiah Ensures Hezekiah of His Cure The Son of Ahab The Oil of a Poor Widow The Syrians Are Struck with Blindness Ahaziah and Jehoram Are Killed by Jehu Jezebel Is Eaten by Dogs Ishmael Slaying Gedaliah The Assyrian Army Destroyed Jehu's Zeal Elisha, Raising the Shunammite's Son Elijah Taken into Heaven The Angel and Elijah Jehu Kills Jehoram Mattan the Priest of Baal Slain The Infant Joash Proclaimed King Gehazi Fraudulently Obtaining the Talents of Silver, &c. Sennacherib King of Assyria Slain by His Own Sons Josiah Destroying the Idolaters "she Bowed Herself to the Ground and Took up Her Son" Jehoshabeath Saving Joash The Angel of the Lord Destroying the Assyrians The Eyes of Zedekiah Put Out Jehoram Slain by Jehu Elisha Directing Joash to Smite the Assyrians Elijah Taken up to Heaven Elisha Multiplying the Widow's Oil King Josiah Shooting the Arrow Elisha on His Death Bed Shunammite Woman's Son Dies Death of Athaliah Jehu's Companions Finding the Remains of Jezebel The Death of Jezebel King Hezekiah Spreads His Case before the Lord. The Infant Joash Proclaimed King Elijah Taking Leave of Elisha Elijah Carried to Heaven Elisha Restoring the Shunamite's Son Judah Carried Away Captive Elisha Restores the Shunammite's Son to Life The Translation of Elijah The Kingdoms Grow Smaller Israel under Jeroboam II Here Come the Assyrians Assyria Conquers Israel The Assyrian Empire Sennacherib Defeats the Egyptians Elisha's Fountain (engraving) Jeremiah Before King Jehoiakim (engraving) 2 Kings - Word Cloud Solomon’s Temple Architectural Plan The City of Babylon Israel and Judah in 2 Kings Syria Captures Gilead Resurgence during the Time of Azariah and Jeroboam II Prophets of Israel and Judah The Resurgence of Assyrian Influence The Fall of Samaria and Deportation of Israelites Exile to Babylon in 2 Kings