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Adonibezek Getting His Toes and Thumbs Cut Off Caleb Gives His Daughter to Othoniel Ehud Kills King Eglon Jael Kills Sisera Jael and Sisera The Angel of the Lord Appears to Gideon Gideon Offers a Sacrifice Gideon's Fleece Gideon Selects an Army of 300 Men Gideon Defeats Midian Using Trumpets and Lamps in Pitchers Abimelech Sets Fire to the Tower of Shechem A Piece of a Millstone Kills Abimelech Jephthah's Daughter Comes to Meets Him The Only Daughter of Jephthah Jephthah Accomplishes His Vow Samson's Birth Is Foretold The Angel of the Lord Appears to Manoah and His Wife Manoah's Sacrifice Samson Kills a Lion Samson Burns the Philistines Fields Samson Drinks from the Donkey's Jawbone Samson Takes the Gates of Gaza Samson While Dying Killed 5,000 Philistines Samson's Death Removal of the Girls of Shiloh by the Benjamites Samson Carrying the Gates of Gaza Manoah's Sacrifice Gideon's Army Selected Gideon and the Angel Jephthah Performs His Vow on His Daughter Jael Kills Sisera Samson Jael Killing Sisera Jephthah Renting His Clothes for Having Made His Rash Vow Samson Strangling the Lion The Death of Samson Jael Showing Barak the Body of Sisera The Angel Appearing to Gideon Samson Rent the Lion Delilah Betrays Samson Samson with the Gate of Gaza The Daughters of Israel Lamenting for the Daughter of Jephthah Jephath's Daughter Coming to Meet Her Father Death of Abimelech Death of the Sons of Jerubbaal Gideon Separating the People Jael and Sisera After Joshua Died The Canaanite Was Still in the Land Danites Relocate The Struggle for a Home Jebus Becomes Jerusalem Manoah's Sacrifice (engraving) Samson Killing the Lion (engraving) Samson Finding Honey (engraving) Samson and the 300 Foxes (engraving) Samson Carrying Away the Gates of Gaza Samson in Delilah's Lap (engraving) Samson Taken by the Philstines (engraving) Samson Grinding at the Mill (engraving) Samson and the Dagon Fish god (engraving) Old Testament Time Line (Part 2 of 2) Judges - Word Cloud Genesis The Setting of Judges The Judges of Israel Gideon Defeats the Midianites Samson's Exploits