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Instructor Bob Hoekstra
• Christian Living

God's Sufficiency for Godly Living


God’s Sufficiency for Godly Living continues Bob Hoekstra’s theme of life in God’s gracious hands that he began in the six-part series, Growing in the Grace of God.

Throughout this course, students will pursue a thoroughly biblical understanding of what it means to rely upon God alone. Students will discover the plain message of Scripture: that it is God, not man, who is entirely sufficient to fill the believer’s every need. Comparing and contrasting life in the new covenant versus life under the old covenant, Bob Hoekstra draws clear distinctions between trusting upon man and trusting upon God. He outlines the fact that believers are merely earthen vessels, but are given to contain a great and glorious treasure—the very life of Christ. Again, this course will focus upon God’s grace and how that grace operates on the believer as he desires to walk righteously through the life that God has laid before him. We hope you will enjoy this area of study and will be richly blessed by the marvelous truths herein contained.

Lesson List
Lesson 1
Living by God's Sufficiency
Lesson 2
Characteristics of Living by God's Sufficiency
Lesson 3
Man's Sufficiency Versus God's Sufficiency
Lesson 4
Insufficient Vessels Containing Sufficient Treasure
Lesson 5
Old Testament Examples of God's Sufficiency
Lesson 6
Resurrected Living by God's Sufficiency