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Instructor Peter Jones
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Biblical Worldview I: Only Two Religions?


In Romans 1:25, the Apostle Paul says man worships either the creation or the Creator, which essentially means there are only two religions. Subsequently, this introductory worldview course presents the term “Oneism,” which is used for the worship of the creation and “Twoism,” which refers to the worship of the Divine Creator.

Understanding this one small statement can help to equip Christians to uphold their biblical Christian faith in his or her cultural context. The course presents five principles that are present in all non-Christian thinking. Our goal is to help simplify your communication of the Gospel with “spiritual but not religious” individuals. Each lesson is followed by suggestions for further study.

Lesson List
Lesson 1
Section 1A The Five Points of Pagan Oneism
Lesson 2
Section 1B All Is Two (Twoism)
Lesson 3
Section 2A Humanity Is One
Lesson 4
Section 2B Humanity Is Two
Lesson 5
Section 3A Religions Are One
Lesson 6
Section 3B Religions Are Two
Lesson 7
Section 4A Our Problem According to Oneism
Lesson 8
Section 4B Our Problem According to Twoism
Lesson 9
Section 5A The Oneist Solution
Lesson 10
Section 5B The Twoist Solution
Additional Course Resources
APPENDIX 1 Appendix