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Instructor Peter Jones
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Biblical Worldview II: Seeing a World of Difference


As Christians, we must be prepared to defend ideas that oppose or suppress the saving knowledge of the glory of God. Dr. Jones has observed that cultural intimidation can lead believers to modify their message and their behavior, endangering a clear pronouncement of the Gospel. In today’s growing tide of pagan spirituality, it is essential that our worldview be continually analyzed through a Biblical lens, helping us to distinguish truth from error, and orthodoxy from heresy. In this course, Seeing a World of Difference, Dr. Jones works through many difficult issues from a Scriptural perspective, equipping Christians to wisely answer questions often posed by friends, family, or co-workers.

Lesson List
Lesson 1
Intro and Lesson 1
Lesson 2
The Big Question: Are You a Oneist or a Twoist?
Lesson 3
Apocalypse Now
Lesson 4
The Church in Danger
Lesson 5
The Meaning of Romans 1
Lesson 6
The Garden-Variety Lie
Lesson 7
The Lie about God
Lesson 8
The Truth about God
Lesson 9
The Lie about Spirituality
Lesson 10
The Truth about Spirituality
Lesson 11
The Lie about Sexuality
Lesson 12
The Truth about Sexuality
Lesson 13
Romans 1 and You
Lesson 14
Twoism: Making a World of Difference
Lesson 15
Jesus Joins One and Two
Additional Course Resources
APPENDIX 1 Glossary