Exercise - Journal

Victor Jacobs Photo Victor Jacobs

1. Journal: In Acts 17-20, Paul traveled through a number of cities. In your journal this unit, begin with a summary of his journey. For additional background, do some outside research as to the amount of time this journey took. Then review your summary of the events. Do you note any common themes, and more importantly any common lessons? Though these events occurred ina far different time and culture, what applications can we apply today in your faith and culture?

2. Acts chapters 17-20 covers good deal of Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey. Use the Blue Letter Bible resources (Located in the lesson) to create a summary of his journey. Create a short lesson plan that you can share with a small group or Sunday school class about this journey. Conduct some outside research about the particular locations listed in the journey. What were they like at the time?

You can download the PDF file listed above to complete the assignment.