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Hello and welcome to Unit 3 of Creation Narrative 1. Our focus for this unit will be the origin of man. Specifically, we’re going to investigate three main teaching points. First, we will consider the fact that mankind is unique among creation. So in Unit 1, we will look at how God created humanity distinct from the rest of creation. Second, we’ll look at the fact that mankind uniquely shares God’s likeness. So in Unit 2, we will be considering all the implications that come with humanity being made in God’s image. Finally, in our last session, we will consider the idea that mankind uniquely displays God’s likeness. In this session, we will wrestle with what it means for humanity to display God’s image in creation. In this session, we’ll look at some of the various approaches that have been historically put forward to understand how man displays God’s image in a fallen world. Now, as you prepare for this third unit, let me encourage you to consider the wonders of humanity. Humanity is so unique among the rest of creation. The uniqueness of man was an intentionality on the part of God. The best of man reflects on the righteousness and holiness of God. Pause and ponder at that fact, and recognize that you were fearfully and wonderfully made.