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Hello and welcome to Unit 4 of Creation Narrative 1. Our focus for this unit will be understanding humanity as male and female. Specifically, we’re going to investigate three main teaching points. First, we’ll consider the fact that the creation of man as male and female shows God’s image in humanity exists in harmony, equality, and difference. So in Session 1 of this unit, we’ll consider how it is that male and female are same, and how male and female are different. Next, we will focus on the idea that God ordained that humanity was to carry out specific tasks within creation. These tasks are dominion, stewardship, labor, rest, and marriage. This idea will be fleshed out through both Session 2 and Session 3. In these two sessions, we will consider some of the commands of God given at the time of creation which still apply to us today. As you prepare for this unit, allow me to challenge you to consider the uniqueness of the sexes and how separately both man and woman reflect a core aspect of God himself.