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1 and 2 Kings. This is a time when David dies and his son Solomon takes over. David had been an amazing ruler, conquered so many of the enemies of God. And yet because of that violence, God decided not to allow him to build the temple. Solomon, his son, was given that privilege. A temple designed by God, an architectural feat, and the place that God would inhabit on earth. Solomon takes painstaking efforts to be able to establish this temple, and nations from around the world come to see not only the wisdom that God granted to Solomon, but also the wealth. The Scriptures even say silver was as commonplace as pebbles were. We’ll be able to examine each aspect of this amazing temple and all that surrounds the sacrifices and the obedience God's people had until Solomon chooses to stray away from God. We'll watch his demise and what happens as a result and as the kingdoms are torn apart into north and south and Israel faces a time of walking away from God. We'll learn much about who God is, the mercy he shows as well as the justice that he puts out towards the Israelites as a result of their choices.