John Buckley Photo John Buckley

Can you see him? He's a scribe. The documents are laying in front of him as he's meticulously writing the history of the Israelite nation, its rulers, its economy, its religion. You notice how in 1 and 2 Chronicles, all of that is packaged together as we see the northern and southern kingdoms, those kings who decided to follow God and those kings who didn't follow God, and the results it had on the day-to-day life of the Israelite people. It's amazing the detail that we'll find here, the responses that we find here, and the history that's so rich as we get a bird's eye view of what takes place at the core aspect of Israel's nation. One thing that's really interesting is how we'll see the Minor Prophets who call the people back to God and to see the Israelites' response in relationship to that. So come along. Pull up a stool. Let's look over the shoulder of this scribe and be able to read deeply into the history of this amazing nation.