The Organization of the Community

Stephen Grusendorf Photo Stephen Grusendorf

In this lesson, we want to look at community and relationship as essential elements of the church. There are three core components of the church as the term is used in Scripture. First is the universal church, a worldwide body of current believers, that is to say, visible and living today. Second is the invisible church, the church through the ages. Third is the local church, the body of believers who assemble for worship and building up. Scripture does not have one set way to organize a church. As we think through this concept of the church as community, there are five illustrations that give us a picture. First, the church as a building. Second, the church as a priesthood. Third, as a flock. Fourth, the church as the bride of Christ. And fifth, as the body of Christ. Putting all of this together, we see the picture that community and relationship are essential elements of the church.