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The Nature of the Trinity

Key verse: "According to the foreknowledge of God the Father, by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with his blood: May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure (1 Peter 1:2)."

Concept: One of the most important doctrines of the Christian faith is that of the Trinity. From Scripture we learn that God, by nature is a Triune Being or Trinity. The subject of the Trinity is holy ground because it discusses the nature of the one, true, God.

Why Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Matter? In our lesson, we explored some common misconceptions about the Trinity. (You can read these specifically here in this lesson's readings.) But here is the question, “What does it matter?” The doctrine of the Trinity is difficult to comprehend, and some will say impossible to understand. In that context, why is this doctrine so critical to a basic understanding of Christian truth?

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