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We believe that the Scriptures can only be properly understood by the work of the Holy Spirit. He indwells all believers and guides them into the truth of God’s Word. While the Scriptures are indeed sufficient, they can only be properly understood through the teaching work of the Spirit of God. This sums up the biblical Doctrine of Revelation.

With that in mind, think about this. How will you handle difficult truths or difficult passages? So many questions are raised by believers and unbelievers alike. Does the Bible contain any errors in its contents? Are there mistakes and contradictions in the original text of Scripture? Can a holy God divinely inspire a Book that contains errors? Does it really matter, one way or another, if there are errors in Scripture?

We believe all of these objections have reasonable answers. When all the evidence is in, it will be found that the Bible is exactly what it claims to be: God’s error-free Word, totally trustworthy in all that it teaches. However, how will you answer the question?

You can download the PDF file listed above to complete the assignment.