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Israel is in bondage. It's a dark part of Israel's history. Back in their homeland, the cities have been destroyed. The temple that Solomon had so meticulously built has been ruined, the walls broken down, the enemies of God laughing at his people. And yet we see light at the end of the tunnel. God uses an ungodly king through the work of his people chosen by him, of Ezra and Nehemiah, to be able to go back and start the rebuilding process of the nation of Israel, not only just in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense. We see a nation that's at its lowest come to a point where they see the hand of God in defeating enemies, in seeing walls built in record time, the temple restored, although not to its original glory, and the nation of Israel embrace God anew and afresh, its leaders be able to take the reins and be able to institute to their people back to the original followings and the teachings of the Old Testament about how they should follow God. So I hope you'll enjoy this journey as we get to see a nation go from its lowest point to a great high as God uses Ezra and Nehemiah and many other amazing men to be able to lead them back to a place of prominence in history.