Create a Devotional: Ezra

John Buckley Photo John Buckley

Use any of the above points (located in the PDF file) to create a devotional based on the book of Ezra. You may use any format, but the following outline is suggested for your use.

1. Devotional Title

2. Key Verse. Chose one or two verses as your focus verse for the devotional.

3. Full Reading. Identify a passage or compilation of verses as the foundation for your devotional. For best results choose between 6 and 18 contiguous verses. Or, choose a compilation of related verses, again totaling between 6 and 18 total verses.

4. Scripture Insight. In 3 to 6 sentences give the setting or contextual analysis of these Scriptures.

5. Add an Illustration. Create an illustration to explain or illuminate the Scriptures you have chosen. Typically, this is a story or experience that clarifies or expounds on the verses. Your illustration should lead to an understating of the verses in today’s culture and provide an application of the verses in our lives today, while at the same time remaining true to the meaning and context of the Scriptures.

6. To end the devotional, write a short prayer for both understanding and application from the passage.

You can download the PDF file listed above to complete the assignment.

You can set your preferred Bible version or translation for viewing the PDF files. Where the author specifies a version or translation, that version shall be shown. To set your preference, when you first go to blueletterbible.org, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner next to the word LOGIN. On the left hand side, under Bible Customization, select your preferred version from the drop-down list. Click on Save Preferences. Click on Return to My Study. From that point forward, when you click on a verse reference in the PDF, the site will present the verse text in the version that you have selected.